Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Taking over the world.

Google searching:

blog - results
google -
851.000.000 results
sport - 820.000.000 results
mp3 - 743.000.000 restults
euro - 460.000.000 results
sex - 426.000.000 results
Paris Hilton -
38.000.000 results
Coca-Cola -
27.200.000 results
Al Qaeda - 10.500.000 results
Fredo Pid'jin -
42.400 results

This is interesting. While searching for 'media' I got results. Roughly, you can say that nowadays blog = media.

And this was Tuesday. Thank you.

3 comentarii:

Christ Saddler said...

CTRL+ALT+BLOG intoarce 1,400,000 de rezultate :D

Adinaaa said...

Si daca bagam ghilimele restrangem la 9. :D

Christ Saddler said...

dar de ce sa bagi ghilimele? :-s nu vrei sa scrii si un in fata ca sa reduci la unu rezultatul? si sa cad in depresii? normal ca vrei, si normal ca vei face asta.