Thursday, March 19, 2009

IELTS test to be taken


The fourth step towards completing my Dream. 21 & 22 March, 2009.


The rest of the plan is:
Step 1. Choosing the subject.
Step 2. Choosing the universities.
Step 3. Writing my Personal Statement.
Step 4. Taking the IELTS test.
Step 5. Preparing the documents.
Step 6. Asking for letters of recommendation.
Step 7. Actually applying.
Step 8. Receiving offers from universities ;)
Step 9. Happy happy joy joy
Step 10. Applying for scholarships
Step 11. And so on. This is my plan. Take it as it is. You may not like it, I may not care. :)

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Casoni said...

Interesant blog,as dori sa facem schimb de bannere.Daca vrei intra pe blog,completeaza formularul si iti voi promova bannerul in toate blogurile inscrise.Toate cele bune.

Anonymous said...


Adinaaa said...

Thanks, mate, but I have already taken it. However, the results are not in yet so I guess that good luck wishes are still in order. :P

Yeah, I know, I still wonder how long this English talking-spree is going to take. :))

NeaCaisa said...

Arunca un ochi pe postul asta:

Poate te ajuta.