Wednesday, January 30, 2008


When I was young, I used to own a piano. I was 6 when I started playing, but I really don't remember how it felt like. I do remember that I used to practice for hours though.

When I reached 5th grade, my parents moved me to another school. It was kind of sad, as I recall. I had to give up my painting brushes and my piano, as well. Although I would had chosen Drawing Class if I had stayed any longer at the Art School, I cried a whole night when my parents sold my piano to buy a computer. Difficult times those were...

Years went by and I never payed any attention to my artistic skills. Funny thing one night, when I had to stay at home because of the flu, I started drawing out of boredom and surprised myself with my... talent? This is the result of a few hours of practice :)

Although I did these sketches a few months ago, I decided to write this post only recently. And this is why: at work, we had this old piano, still functional though. When I came in early or stayed up after hours, I stroke up the only tune I remembered from elementary school and it felt great. It really did. It's amazing when you realize that the music you hear is a product of your own fingers and will... wow. Can I really do that? I felt like I could do more, so I went home and started looking for new songs to learn. But it was too late... the owner took her piano back a few days after. And that's how this piano went away as well. But it's ok, I didn't cry over this one. :)

In the video I posted that's not me playing, so no questions about that, please. :) But I'd like to play that track one day, on my own. I simply love it. Although I have no piano now, I promised myself when I was little that the moment I start making a lot of money, I'll buy my own grand piano, one of those long-tailed black beasts. Till then, I still have my crayons to draw one... I think I'll explore these drawing skills some more.

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Adelaida said...

unde zici ca era pianul ala?

Adinaaa said...

Era pe holul de la etajul 1. :D