Tuesday, August 14, 2007

God save the motherfuckin' Queen

People say that if you want something badly enough, the forces of the Universe conspire in helping you achieve that one thing. Actually, Paulo Coelho said it. Screw him, but he was right.

It started from a friend, this madness. In the beginning i was in love with the Union Jack. I find it fascinating how the story of the Kingdom reflects in the flag, in the way that those crosses unite just like the states did, centuries ago. You have St. George, the patron saint of England, St. Patrick for Ireland and Saint Andrew for Scotland.

Being so fascinated by it, my brother bought me an exposition flag which I wore on many occasions pinned down to my boxers. Few people knew, the rest thought it was a bloody skirt. :))) My collection soon enriched with a new piece, the St. George. Needless to say that I'd rather beat you to death than let you take one of them from me.

Of course, there are many other things that make me adore the Kingdom... there's the accent, the punkers, the underground scene, James Zabiela, Radio 1, double deckers, Ferris wheels, the changing of the guards, Shakespeare, the Queen, kilts, bla bla bla bla.

Last year I visited Paris for one week and it was very frustrating knowing that I was less than 3 hours away from London and I couldn't go there because they had this problem with Romanians.

But now, everything is fine, everything is great, the time has come and in a month or so I will be walking on the streets of London.

Don't be jealous of me. :)

6 comentarii:

Gingerdae said...

parafrazez si iti zic : Lord taketh and Lord giveth ;))good things come to those who wait...sa-mi aduci ceva frumos de acolo..cum ar fi cercei cu steagul sau cu doubledecker...sau...ee..gasesti tu :)))

Christ Saddler said...

sa te vad purtand kilt :D in timp zabi se va tine de mana cu regina mwahaha! picture that! si sa realizezi ca tot in paris esti. in concluzie mie trebuie sa imi aduci cel mai frumos lucru ever, mult mai fain decat al d-soarei ruxandra sararoiu >:). vezi ca ai promis!!!

Adinaaa said...

Deci nu merg cu taicamiu in UK, sa spun ca am bani la discretie de shopping si cadouri si de toate, asa ca nush daca va vad cu mai mult de niste pliante de acolo, dar mai vad eu. Poate gasesc ceva super ieftin, ca pentru voi, cum ar fi un kilt pt Saddie si inca un preten :P sau cercei pt Ruxi... dar ma indoiesc. :))

Gingerdae said...

eu zic lui Saddie sa nu-i iei nimic..nu vezi cum te ataca? rade de tine...ar trebui sa-l tai de pe lista de cumparaturi...cat despre cerceii mei iubiti...can i get ones in a cow shape with UK symbols on them pls? :)))

diana said...

I say we should all move to London. Like, pentru totdeauna :D

Adinaaa said...

We should. If doing that would be that simple... :))