Friday, July 20, 2007

Can you...

... honestly tell me that Gabriel and Dresden will not play trancy stuff at their gig on 28th July at the Arenas? Or at least not that industrial kind that I hate so much?

Browsing through my Gabriel and Dresden folder on my computer, I'm re-listening their older mixes I once liked so much that I couldn't find it in me to delete. It seems like it all comes down to Essential Mixes. There's this EM from 2005 live from Miami that is simply madness... madness, I tell you! Back then and nowadays, as well. It ends up with Dirty Vegas - Days Go By that leads to this up-lifting track from Markus Schulz - Without You Near, on which G&D did a phenomenal work. The drama builds in the course of just 2,30 minutes, when it meets a dark voice singing "It's a little bit lonely down here, It's a little bit feign without you near" x2 and then the beats emerge. It is sublime. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to the last 10 minutes of the set, because a release wasn't available, but it gets me every time, a-ha.

Here I find myself today, 2 years later, listening to another great mix from them, just 8 days before their gig. Should I stay or should I go, I ask myself again... in this minimal age I am more than grateful when I come face to face with this kind of mixes that connect with me, rather than those cold, robotic sounds so fashionable these days.

I downloaded yesterday this G&D's set from House Nation HD, which you can download it here, along with some other sets featured on the show. It had me from the very first track, Junior Boys - In The Morning that is. Loving it. Just listening to it I feel like gliding through the electronic sounds and imaging myself in that happy place, singing along with that male-voice "Too young... we're too young in the morning." Leaves you hanging for a few seconds and then the beats run all over you, teasing you for another 4 minutes or so. And I'm sure that somewhere at the middle of the set you can hear Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink in the background or it might be something that resembles it. :) Now you listen to the set.

In my usual indecision, as some people pointed out, I am thinking to attend this gig, as I won't be able to go in that weekend at the seaside and if it's horrible, at least the entrance fee is only 20 RON.

So... why not?

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Adinaaa said...

Spam already? :)

Christ Saddler said...

nathan fake :X yey
normal ca ai spam daca vorbesti in engleza despre trancy stuff. si te duci sigur de data asta. nu mai esti in dubii :>