Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FOEM's crew is growing



we are currently searching for new crew members!

- interviewers
you get in touch with upcoming and also already famous artists and do AOTW (Artist of the Week) interviews with them. here are the interviews we did so far: link.
you should be able to work with us on a voluntary basis (like we all do), you should be good at speaking and writing english and also you should know your onions about the internet and music.
please send a message to adina[at]foem.info if you are interested.

- promoters
you help to spread the word about FOEM in your country and your scene. we will provide you with contacts to media and you get to know a lot about micro marketing and public relations. you work also voluntarily. please check here: link.
please contact jo[at]foem.info for more information.

would be great to work with you!

all the best!

the FOEM team.


Acestea fiind spuse, va astept in echipa mea. Muzica electronica, interviuri si voluntariat. Persoane interesate?

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