Thursday, May 24, 2007

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Ok, I had some sort of fictional interview to write to get into the interviewers crew, which I wanted to post here cause I found it extremely funny, but I had to take out the name of my fictional character/1 , the place he works at/2 , the place where a previous incident took place/3 and some chicks' name/4. Well, it will be like a riddle. You figure it out and keep it for yourself. Moreover, this was some sort of chess game, played solo, me against myself, because I came up with the questions and also with the answers.

Good day, wickedly-hooked-up-on-electronic-music dudes. This week’s artist is not even an artist, he is the (1) and he agreed to have an informal chat with us today, on wickedly informal topics.

FOEM/Adinaaa: Starting with an intriguing question, have you ever imagined having Marylin Monroe in front of you on the mike singing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”?

(1): He he. Well, Adina, I wouldn’t be fair if I said that I didn’t. But in case that my people are watching, I hope that they don’t forget that my birthday is coming soon and I wouldn’t mind having… let’s say Madonna at my birthday party singing that lovely tune.

FOEM/Adinaaa: Well, I spotted an email address on the official webpage of the (2). I’ll drop them a line and hopefully somebody will read it. But, please, try at least to look surprised! Ok, here’s another one: do you ever wonder if the (3) got refurbished after the Clinton – Lewinsky incident?

(1): Well, a couple of times I found myself staring at my desk, but I quickly tried to think about something else. So, again, let’s talk about something else. Thanks.

FOEM/Adinaaa: Roger that. Ok, after one session of severe research, I found out that people often refer to you as “Dubya”. Where does this nickname come from?

(1): Dubya! Haven’t heard that in a while! It comes from my middle name, W pronounced with a Southern accent. Oh, and W stands for Walker.

FOEM/Adinaaa: Walker? Really? That would be the beginning of a really bad TV series. But considering the profile of our agency, I have to ask you this: have you ever considered being a DJ? Ok, if not a DJ, a pop artist maybe? ‘Cause Dubya would be a great stage name.

(1): No, not really. I grew up in a family with a tradition in politics, but I’ve always been fascinated with banjos. Don’t know why. However, my daughters Jenna and Barbara, gave me an iPOD last July and I listen to it while I cycle around my ranch. So I have some contact with music.

FOEM/Adinaaa: And what does your playlist consist of?

(1): Uhm, country, rock ‘n roll… Anyhow, great artists from the '60s and '70s and more modern artists who sound like great artists from the '60s and '70s.

FOEM/Adinaaa: Since we are on this topic, how do you feel about Oriental music?

(1): I personally respect the Oriental culture, in spite of the differences that our two worlds had, but I don’t have any of it on my iPOD.

FOEM/Adinaaa: Clearly this iPOD is a great invention though. Ok, moving on. Surfing the Web, I found out that your dog has his own website and even plays the lead character in some movies. Do you ever feel out staged by him?

(1): Haha, you’re talking about Barney. He’s quite a little fellow, who screams out personality, but I don’t feel out staged by him. He is more into show business and I am more into politics. Problem solved.

FOEM/Adinaaa: Would you send your Barney into space? I am asking you this, because I’ve recently seen a video (for our readers Trentemoller – Moan, that is), which pays a tribute to Laika, the first dog that was launched into orbit.

(1): No, I’d never send my dog away. He’s my companion, who always follows me through the (2) and I love him so much that I’ve even taken him to Iraq. Moreover, if I remember well, Laika died in space so she might not be the best example.

FOEM/Adinaaa: Probably not, but later test flights proved to recover the animals sent into space. However, I understand your concern. Enough about dogs. How do you see yourself 10 years from now? I always get this question in interviews so it’s my turn to ask somebody.

(1): Uhm, I imagine myself at the ranch from Crawford, Texas, waiting for time to pass me by and probably trying to convince my wife to embrace a career as a senator.

FOEM/Adinaaa: It worked for (4) so why not? Ok, this was my last question. Thank you for your time and good luck with your birthday party. Remember, look surprised!

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